To be the Global Leader in supplying complete hygiene solution that fits all hygiene needs and to serve the purpose of iMEC (I Make Environment Clean).


To provide every effective commercial and industrial hygiene solutions to our customers.

To always maintain the highest quality standards in our products and services.

To always exceed customer’s expectations.

To stamp our footprint all over the Asia Pacific region.

To introduce quality brands of our own by intensifying R&D efforts.

To extend our marketing reach beyond the Asia Pacific’s borders and make inroads into other continents.


iMEC aims to maintain at the top as the leading supplier for hygiene products by undertaking the responsibility to provide the most comprehensive range of cleaning supplies. We ensure our products to be in the highest quality paired with competitive prices to maximize customer value.

The ability to think beyond market demand is what makes iMEC stand out. iMEC prides itself to be a total hygiene solution provider for its ability to customize and supply a complete hygiene system that is suitable for the business environment. As your trustworthy hygiene partner, we share the same vision as you, our valued customer, which is to bring your business hygiene to the next level in the most cost effective way. We have our own brand of products which are carefully manufactured and some specially handpicked from trusted sources to suit different needs.

Ultimately, being future-oriented allows iMEC to constantly seize any beneficial opportunity to go beyond and above customer’s expectations. Following the rocketing trend of e-commerce in the global market, we launched our very first iMEC Online Store in 2013 to extend our market reach and provide value-added services for many more customers to come in the future.