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Want to have a peace of mind that your home or office is cleaned or sanitized?

Do you want to understand the cleaning standards to know which certified products to use? No worries as today, we have got you covered!

With the coronavirus outbreak, more and more people, including the housekeepers and business owners, are adopting strict cleaning protocols.

Like what is being shown in the video below, they are trying to adopt the best practices for cleaning their rooms, hotels, restaurants, guest rooms, reception areas, etc.

One of the biggest challenges for them is to assess what sort of products should be used for cleaning a specific area in homes or offices. Yeah, it is right! It is not only crucial to plan what areas should be cleaned, from where you should start, and how often you should opt for deep cleaning but at the same time, you should get to know the power of cleaning products you will be using.

Furthermore, it is also essential to know the stability of the virus on various surfaces. It means that for how long the coronavirus lasts on the surfaces and how you can clean them.

Earlier, according to the WebMD, coronavirus can remain viable for up to 5 days on the metal surface, up to 4 days on the wood surface, and up to 2-3 days on the plastic surface.

To clean or sanitize the areas thoroughly and to be safe, it is mandatory to know the cleaning products you use are certified or up to the cleaning standards or not. To make your areas safe and sanitized, you need to go for the products that are meant for deep or conscientious cleaning.

This guide tends to highlight everything you need to know the EN 14476 cleaning standard to ensure that every surface of a room is cleaned and sanitized.

We will also be sharing some EN 14476 products supplied by iMEC. Let’s get started!

EN 14476 Standard: What You Need to Know

cleaningIn order to get to know what exactly is EN 14476 and how you can stop or prevent the spread of the virus through EN 14476 standard products, you need to understand the real difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt, stains or grease marks form a surface.

On the other hand, disinfecting is the act of killing germs or viruses. The EN 14476 standard products act as the disinfecting agents.

Let’s get to know in detail what is EN 14476 and what the importance and benefits of EN 14476 standard products.

What is EN 14476?

EN 14476 certification means that the cleaning products (with EN 14476 standard) have antiviral properties that can destroy or deactivate viruses. The EN 14476 standard products can eliminate the residual dirt on surfaces and remove the unseen virus, hence leaving the entire space safe.

The cleaning products with EN 14476 certification can kill many types of viruses, including:

  • Influenza A
  • Poliovirus
  • Adenovirus
  • Norovirus

So, if you want to kill all such types of viruses from your surfaces (door or window handles or light switches), it is essential to use a disinfecting agent that is certified for EN 14476.

The Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers (working for the owners and operators of self-catering businesses) recommend using the cleaning products with EN 14476 standard claiming that such products can kill viruses.

ASSC (Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers) further advised that suitable disinfecting products should be used and they should be left on the surface for a certain amount of time so that the virus can be killed.

One thing to keep in mind is that the standard cleaning products can kill 99.9 per cent of germs while the products with EN 14476 certification have the ability to kill 99.999 per cent of germs just within five minutes!

Why is EN 14476 Important?

Viruses such as coronavirus have been living around us for many years due to which diverse methods for cleaning or sanitizing the premises have been developed.

Apart from such methods, several European standards have been introduced, including the EN 14476 standard. The EN 14476 standard is very important as the products with its certification can clean and decontaminate the premises and make it free from viruses.

Basically, it specifies the test method as well as the minimum requirements for antiviral properties of cleaning products.


Having a great effect in the treatment of viruses, the EN 14476 approved products can perform complete destruction of many types of viruses, resulting in a clean environment.

The application of the European standard of EN 14476 becomes important where the disinfection is indicated medically. These include hospitals, clinical settings, dental institutions, as well as other medical facilities. The EN 14476 standard also often applies to the nursing homes and educational institutions (including schools and kindergartens).

Benefits of EN 14476 Products

There are many antiviral disinfecting products (approved with EN 14476 standard) that can clean various non-porous surfaces, for example, glass and wood and can kill germs and viruses.

Such products can also mist your soft furnishings very easily. They utilize naturally derived and environment-friendly extract for producing an eco-friendly disinfectant as well as cleaner. From furniture and carpets to cupboards or glass items, these products are ideal for any type of surface, delivering great results every time. Most products, such as sanitizers are made highly concentrated.

So, when you dilute the formula, you can get several times more quantity, hence allowing you to get the best bang for your buck.

With disinfecting qualities, the EN 14476 products do not only smell great but are packed with powerful sanitizing as well as sustainable ingredients.

EN 14476 Products Offered by iMEC

iMEC is a leading commercial cleaning products supplier that has several years of experience in offering quality cleaning solutions.

We aim to deliver the top cleaning products that can provide the best possible cleaning experience to our clients. iMEC has been offering several great EN 14476 products so, during the COVID-19 outbreak, people can easily get such antiviral products and can disinfect their residential or commercial properties.

Being your hygienic partner, both iMEC 556 Sanitise and iMEC 556 Guard we provide are EN 14476 approved and can kill many types of viruses as they have antiviral properties.


During this current global pandemic of coronavirus, to decrease the risk of viral, fungal or bacterial infection, the disinfection of surfaces has become very important.

And this can be possible only if you select the right disinfecting products by determining their ability to kill viruses and bacteria and clean the surfaces.

The cleaning products with EN 14476 certification have antiviral properties and can kill various types of viruses, including influenza A, poliovirus, adenovirus, and norovirus. This is the reason that the demand for the products with EN 14476 standard is increasing day by day (especially during COVID-19 outbreak).

Being one of the popular EN 14476 supplier in Malaysia, iMEC is fully dedicated to providing a complete cleaning experience to its clients.

This is why most of its products are EN 14476 approved so when people apply such products to their premises, not only the surfaces can be cleaned but disinfected from several types of viruses.