Hygiene Solution 2

Hygiene Solutions by iMEC

As a total hygiene solutions provider, we cover most industry’s cleaning needs.

We supply a range of high quality and effective IMEC cleaning products covering detergents, vacuum cleaners, floor care, stone care system, specialty machines, washroom hygiene tools, cleaning equipment, products for building services and microfiber cleaning system. Besides our own brand, we’ve included other product brands as well to widen our customer’s choice.

At IMEC, quality is placed in the heart of the company. We make sure all the products that will be provided to our customers are in excellent quality and also reasonably priced. To achieve that, our products are mainly sourced from reputed International brands and trustworthy local manufacturers. We manufacture our own brand of cleaning products to fit different kinds of business purposes and requirements.

Below are some of the many industries we cover in terms of industrial and commercial cleaning supplies: