In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is most often the primary indicator of how well your business is received by the customer. According to a recent AAA survey, hotel cleanliness is the main feature that travelers look for when choosing where to stay, outranking not only price/value and location, but also room amenities.

Cleanliness counts. Clean hotel plays a vital role in today’s hospitality market in making sure that guests continue to return to the hotel. Hotel housekeepers not only need to be trained on proper hotel housekeeping techniques but how to provide personalized service such as greeting guests, setting guestroom thermostat, placement and how to be consistently detailed.

As a professional Hygiene Solutions company, iMEC Hygiene provide various types of cleaning products which can be categorized according to your desired places. Our customers say we enrich their facility throughout.

 At iMEC we combine innovation with leading research and development, offering our clients the latest in performance technology. Our combined systems are best-in-class ensuring consistent and sustained levels at every property, promoting life-long customer loyalty.



These areas for a hotel are probability the most challenging and it requires due diligence at all times. We can staff this area of your property as needed. Check our products for more.


tiles and flooring


Whether your have tile, marble, wood, vinyl or concrete floors, iMEC Hygiene will make sure that they look their very best. We will constantly wash, strip, seal, wax and buff your floors for the maximum results.





Don’t lose money ever again from guest complaints about the dirty spots in your carpet! We will remove,  all spots, shampoo and disinfect your carpeted floors.



walls and window


We use the latest technology to work on walls, floors and any surface that requires the cleaning with pressurized water,or steam to get your project clean.




We will help you to ensure that nappy waste is disposed of in a safe, discreet and environmentally-friendly way so that families can feel at home in your premises




Be careful when choosing your next kitchen cleaning crew because this type of clean can get you in serious trouble if not handled properly.Check our products tab now



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