Is It Important to Always Use Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer?

Your hands are the dirty culprit. We touch everywhere – our belongings, our body, public places, while basically everywhere as we are holding things and doing works. We come into contact with other people, which is why that our hands will be contaminated with many bacteria and viruses. We tend to spread these bacteria and viruses which finally become a disease to others. Our hands are very important to use as we use them to perform our daily tasks. But at the same time, it is dangerous as well if our hands are full of contagious diseases. At such, it is utmost important that we always wash and sanitize our hands frequently. We not only need to prevent spreading disease to others but also to protect ourselves.


Cleanliness and Hygiene is Your Number One Priority


Recently the hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) in Penang has spread like a wild fire in the forest. HFMD cases has skyrocket compared to last year cases. This disease is caused by a virus called an enterovirus. This virus can be spread easily through coughing and sneezing. This disease is commonly occurred to children under 10 years old. At such, many primary schools, nurseries and kindergarten has been forces to shut down. Thus, children are advised to recuperate at home.


HFMD is contagious and can spread via coughing or sneezing, close contact, contact with blister fluid or faeces, sharing of eating utensils or personal belonging, and touching of contaminated surfaces or objects. Poor cleanliness and hygiene can spread this disease as it allows the virus to be passed from one person to another.


Prevention is Better than Cure


There are no specific medicines to cure HFMD and this disease can be occurred to adults as well. Therefore, prevention is utmost importance to prevent of getting it. Prevention involves frequent handwashing using hand soap. Hand soap can come in the form of liquid or foam hand soap. Best if you can get to use anti-bacterial hand soap. Nevertheless, it is good practice to wash hand frequently. Not only that your children need to wash their hands but you as an adult also need to do so. This hand, foot, mouth disease can be spread through infected chair (eg: when you change a diaper or when a child gets on the chair using their hands and then touches other items that other children put in the mouths.)


Sanitizing hands will help as well or in the absence of water and soap, you can use hand sanitizer to clean your hands. If you always on the go and in the public areas touching areas or things that you might get caught up of being contaminated with diseases, it is good to sanitize your hands after each touch point. Keep a small spray bottle of hand sanitizer is a good protection. Remember prevention is better than cure.


Avoid sharing of eating utensils or other personal belongings such as toys, stationeries and other belongings with others. Parents are advised not to bring your children to crowded public areas such as shopping malls, cinemas, swimming pools, markets or bus stations. Close contact is advised to be avoided such as kissing, hugging to reduce the risk of infection.


In addition, always keep the environment clean by frequently cleaning and disinfect the frequently touched areas with sanitizer. Sanitize and clean the fixture and fittings in your house, kindergartens, nurseries, schools, and centers. Always clean and disinfect the most touched fixture and furniture such as chairs, stools, and tables.


Not Just Simply Use Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer But Use it Right


The best protection for yourselves and family members is good hygiene practice. Washing and sanitizing hands is one of the step that you must practice. However just simply wash hand is not sufficient. We need to make sure we wash and sanitize our hand properly.

Step of Wash Hand


Step of Sanitizing Hand


We tend to forget to clean our nails and between fingers. It is essential to do so to make sure our hands are clean properly. After washing our hand, avoid touching the hand soap or hand sanitizer dispenser to prevent more contamination. Lastly dry your hand. Use hand dryer or towel paper to dry your hand. Bacteria and virus breeding place is moist area. Always keep your hand dry.


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