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industrial floor cleaners for your home and businesses

As someone who owns property in Malaysia, commercial or residential, you will know how important it is to keep the floors in good condition. That is why you should invest in the right industrial floor cleaner liquid.

Buying the best floor cleaners in Malaysia

Of course, before you go ahead and buy any floor cleaners, you might wish to look at some useful models. We recommend that anyone who is trying to purchase Malaysia floor cleaners should look at any of the following blends of floor cleaners from iMEC.

iMEC 510

This biodegradable, fully alkaline all-purpose cleaner is one of the most useful options on the market today. It can give you the help that you need to get that floor looking wonderful. And with the chance for you to dilute it down as much as 1:250 whilst still seeing results? It really is a must-try!

iMEC 511

The Kleen All solution is a high quality concentrated multi-purpose solution that comes with a beautiful fragrance. It works well on polished floors, as it will not inhibit or dull the polish. It avoids the use of things like chlorine as well as various toxic and/or flammable ingredients, as well.

iMEC 516

The iMEC 516 Cement Solve solution is great for dealing with cement removal. This is an acidic substance that could quickly and easily get rid of cement on tiles. It needs to be rinsed thoroughly with water after usage. Avoid a mixture of chlorinated chemicals.

iMEC 518

This has become a useful solution for killing off stains, as this acidic stain removal and descaler can combat rust, fungus, and other unsightly stains with total ease. It’s great for brickwork, urinal bowls, mosaics, and for tiles. Handle with a car. Avoid a mixture of chlorinated chemicals.

iMEC 551

This is a solid all-purpose option that can soon speed up the process for you. It’s a highly efficient cleaner that can be used for general purposes and avoids the use of things like chlorine, phosphates, and flammables. Great for surfaces like floors, walls, and benches.

iMEC 599

This is a non-caustic solution that can be used for various cleaning agents. It’s a fragrance-free option, too, and can be used for auto scrubbers and other machines. Capable of stretching as far as 125,000 sq. ft. for just 10L of material: great for value.

Please note there is also a general-purpose cleaner that comes from the same name. it is versatile for most cleaning tasks and can get through stubborn and long-lasting dirt, removing them from the surface with ease.

iMEC 580

The iMEC 580 is a very popular choice for anyone who wants to use a liquid chlorine cleaning substance that does the exact job intended. This is extremely powerful and is more than capable of removing stains on floors and tiles with consummate ease. It’s a high-quality detergent that can also be used for the whitening of fabrics, as well!

The Ideal Liquids for a Floor Cleaner

Before you start using that industrial floor cleaner, though, you should look to get the right floor-cleaning liquid. As you might already know, different floors require different cleaning reagents. For example, you might wish to use the following trains of thought:

Floor Type

First off, look closely at the surface that you will be cleaning. Some formulas are made for generic all-purpose cleaning, while some are focused on things like tiles, wood, or marble. Look for a cleaning fluid made for your specific floor type!

Read the Instructions

Make sure you always look over the instructions, too! Many people fail to look over the instructions closely. Look at the method of application; some are meant for application with a mop as opposed to a technical floor-cleaning device.

Read the Label

Always make sure you thoroughly check the ingredients list for any potential clashes with your flooring. Also, look for things that might irritate or harm your children and/or your pets. This includes ingredients like chlorine and ammonia; these can irritate the skin.

Effective Commercial Floor Cleaner for Multiple Purposes

While we made some useful recommendations above, we also highly recommend that you look at the following solution: the iMEC 580 Liquid Chlorine 25.

This has become hugely popular today for various reasons, not least because it is so easy to work with. It also provides you with one of the best cleaning options on the market because it is so effective.

Commonly used in healthcare, hospitality, building, construction works, and logistical industries, this is a fantastic cleaning agent. It is extremely powerful, requiring dilution to around 1:20 to get the best results.

It has been shown to have COVID-19 effectiveness, too, making it an essential aid in the battle against COVID-19. At the same time, this chlorine-based bleach works so well purely on the basis that it is thorough. It is useful for sanitation, cleaning, wiping, and mopping. When used on most floors, it should be useful for getting rid of any build-up of germs, bacteria, and unsanitary items that might have existed beforehand.

When you need something that can quickly and easily clean off the issues you are facing as a business, you should absolutely look to try out the iMEC 580 Liquid Chlorine 25 solution.

As one of the most powerful options on the market, this can make floor cleaning for just about any commonly used surface a piece of cake compared to what you might have first expected.

Unsure of which commercial floor cleaners in Malaysia are suitable for your businesses or houses? Contact us now for a free consultation.

Floor Cleaners FAQ

What is the best floor cleaner?

iMEC offers a wide range of the best floor cleaners for different purposes.

Can floor cleaners protect us from COVID-19?

Floor cleaners like iMEC 580 are effective to protect you from COVID-19.

Which floor cleaner liquid with fragrance is recommended for businesses?

iMEC 511 Kleen All is a multi-purpose cleaner liquid with a pleasant fragrance.