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Scrubbing Machines – buying guide

Without much hassle, cleaning can actually be done within a short amount of time. However, an example of cleaning machines like scrubbing machines are more commonly used in big industries rather than small households.

One of the reasons is that it is meant for large area coverage, and small household coverage is not suitable in that sense. Apart from that, the price of a scrubbing machine is high, which is also why scrubbing machines are more commonly used in commercial sectors and other industries than in a regular household.

If you are planning to buy a scrubber machine, you should do a little homework in advance to find the right one. Finding the right one is crucial, not only will you get the best cleaning results with it, but you will also likely get it in your desired budget if you have done enough research for it.

Distinguish the type of floor surface you want to clean and scrub:

This is the most important part of buying a scrubbing machine. Scrubbing machines are meant to be used on hard surfaces like cement or tiles. If you have any other types of flooring, or maybe your floor is already covered with carpet, then you should reconsider whether purchasing a scrubber is the right decision for you. It may be in your best interest to choose another type of cleaning machine if you have other types of floor surfaces besides a hard surface.

Types of scrubber machines:

There are different types of scrubber machines available to choose from such as the Floor Scrubbers, the Walk Behind Scrubbers and the Ride On Scrubbers. So, when you are purchasing a scrubber for commercial use, the size of the area can determine which type of scrubbing machine you should utilize.

Speaking in terms of efficiency, a Ride On Scrubber is able to get the job done in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassle as compared to a regular Floor Scrubber or a Walk Behind Scrubber. This is because it can be manoeuvred while sitting during the whole cleaning process, how convenient!

However, if you have a lower budget and a smaller area to clean, a Floor Scrubber or a Walk Behind Scrubber is sufficient to get the cleaning done. It’s not to say that these two can’t be used in a larger area, but more time and energy will be required.

The power source is another important issue

The power source is what’s keeping the scrubber going. Thus, you should have easy access to the power source while cleaning. Nowadays, that can be disregarded as scrubbing machines come with external batteries. But if you choose to purchase a scrubber that requires you to recharge the battery after a few hours of usage, an additional step of making sure a power source is reachable will be necessary.

Other important things to consider before purchasing a scrubbing machine

These are the things you need to think about before purchasing a scrubbing machine. You should do your research on different types of scrubbing machines focusing on the benefits to get the most out of your buck. Specifications and features of different types of scrubbers should also be checked to ensure you get the best scrubber fit for your cleaning area. Lastly, where will you store your scrubbing machines? A suitable storage area should be prepared to keep the commercial scrubber machine when it’s not in use.