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Cleaning Machine for Floor – Useful Guide

Are you tired of spending so much effort, time, and money on cleaning just to get average results?

Cleaning is a daily part of our lives. Without good hygiene and close attention to health concerns, man would not have progressed this far. Man’s entire goal ever since the stone age is to make life easier. The cleaning tools have evolved as much as everything else in our daily lives.

The trend of manual cleaning is now becoming a thing of the past. While brooms and mops might seem like the easy way to get the job done, but for heavy uses, these tools will take forever just to get the floor cleaned.

Businesses operating on a large scale or industrial organizations have other matters to attend to. They cannot compromise their main goals by spending their profit on hiring expensive labour to mop the floors.

These methods are obsolete and unaffordable too. To sum it up, manual labour used in cleaning is everything but cost-effective. If just getting the floor cleaned costs your business a lot, you need to make some investments in the cleaning department and readjust your budget.

So, what is the most suitable way to spend as little money as possible on hygiene while also getting the cleaning done?

The answer to this problem is the cleaning machines.

Not only are they a one-time investment, but they also save your employees’ time so they can move on to cleaning other surfaces than just floors. Not to mention that modern-day cleaning machines for floor are designed to perform much better than the traditional mops and brooms.

So, which type of floor cleaning machines are the best? What are the advantages they offer? If all of these questions are swarming your mind, then don’t worry. We are here to answer them.

Types of Floor Cleaning Machines


The most basic type of cleaning machine is scrubbers.

These come in two kinds, a walk-behind and a ride on. The walk-behind scrubber machines are used for cleaning compact areas, while the ride-on ones are used when cleaning large open spaces.

The more preferred kind is the ride-on scrubbers since they give the cleaner a better view ahead.

Scrubbers are generally used for cleaning dust, floor marks, debris, etc. They come with tanks for storing soap and water and are powered by fuel or batteries generally. Scrubbing the floor once a day is enough for industrial uses and keeps the floor neat and clean.

Watch this 1-minute video about iMEC iBlack CB45, a battery operated walk behind auto-scrubber:


Sweeper machines are known for their ability to tackle even the toughest dirt particles.

They are easy to use and get the job done as quickly as possible. Sweepers come as both electric and battery-powered machines. These machines are similar to vacuum cleaners. But they are more effective in cleaning dirt from both carpeted and uncarpeted floors since vacuums can only pick up dust and debris.

The bristles and brushes in sweepers can clean uneven surfaces in a trouble-free way, making the cleaning process simple.

Floor Buffing Machines

Floor buffing machines are used to clean and make non-carpeted floors shine.

These machines are also used after refinishing all floor types. The difference between these machines and other floor cleaning appliances is that buffing machines can make the floor look as fresh as ever.

Hardwood floors and ceramic tiles can especially bloom up for an entire day after running a buffing machine on them. These machines are a must-have if you want extra hygiene points from picky customers.

Why Do You Need a Floor Cleaning Machine?

Those were the top three most heavily used floor cleaning machines used for commercial cleaning. Now, the question of why these machines are a necessity for heavy cleaning remains unanswered. Let us take a look at the top three reasons why floor cleaning machines have taken over classical methods of cleaning.

Cut Labor Expenses

The most obvious advantage of investing in a floor cleaning machine is that it cut labour costs. Manual cleaning requires more effort and time. This means the cleaners you’re hiring are going to charge more.

Instead, with industrial floor cleaning machines, the work gets done in the shortest amount of time with quite less effort as compared to manual cleaning.

Get Your Floors Proper Maintenance

The traditional old school ways of cleaning will never get you the shiny clean floor that you want to see.

Unclean and dirty floors can be a risk for your employees and customers. Mops only leave your floors unnecessarily wet for long time periods. Whereas floor cleaning machines clean with precision and use as little water as possible, making them eco-friendly as well. You also get to save money by not overusing cleaning chemicals.

Great for Heavy-duty Cleaning

Brooming a large floor surface can take a long time. It’s better to let machines do the heavy industrial cleaning work. Not only will they clean better, but they are also easy to operate and minimize disruption.

They do not make much noise and suck the dust and debris in them. Unlike brooms that kick dust everywhere, making the cleaning process troublesome

Cleaning Machine Supplier in Malaysia

When it comes to buying the right floor cleaning machine, the possibilities are endless.

We here at iMEC offers you a variety of floor cleaning machines that are meant to last for years to come. Not only do they deliver the best results, but they are also easy to maintain and use. These floor cleaning machines iMEC offers are ideal for getting heavy-duty cleaning jobs done.

iMEC is proud to deliver user-friendly and durable floor cleaning machines designed to meet all of your industrial cleaning needs. We know you value your employees’ and customers’ health; that is why we here at iMEC are dedicated to offering you the best cleaning solutions in Malaysia.