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Fogging Machine in Malaysia – Buying Guide and More

As a business owner in Malaysia, you will be used to working with various tools to try take better control of the challenges you face.

Various problems need solutions in the working world, and this means using tools and services to assist you. For example, one tool that you might believe your business could benefit from is a fogging machine.

Fogging machines have become very useful in various professional environments, but they are great for sanitisation. In this era of COVID-19, where we are more aware of cleanliness and environment safety than ever before, having a fogging machine makes a lot of sense!

Fogging machines, though, need to be bought for the correct environment for your business. Buying the wrong fogging machine can be an expensive mistake. The risk of buying the wrong machine, or buying no machine at all, is a risk not worth taking.

Different types of fogging machines available at iMEC

Of course, there are many fogging machine developers out there who create products, including the well-respected iMEC.

iMEC EFS7B fogging machine

The company has become well known for their quality products, such as the iMEC EFS7B fogging machine. This super-turbo fogging sprayer is one of the best options on the market today as it is:

  • Battery operated, making sure you can keep using it without the need to worry about cords.
  • Capable of running for as long as 2 hours, providing excellent consistency in performance.
  • Offers quality coverage, offering greater disinfection range and reach than competitor models.
  • 50-micron musts are sprayed with a spray range as long as 5 metres, maximising coverage.
  • Useful for both indoor and outdoor use, making disinfection of the entire premises much easier.
  • Suitable for use in offices, healthcare facilities, public areas, commercial venues, and more.
  • Combines well with other tools, like the IMEC 556 Guard for extra COVID-19 relief.
  • Impressive coverage ranges as high as 350 m2 per hour.
  • Outstanding performance delivered using a 20W motor.
  • A powerful 18V Lithium battery with a battery charger.
  • Particles ranging from 40-60 μm offering outstanding range.
  • Spray surfaces and cover them with secure disinfection with ease.
  • Sanitise entire surfaces and places of public interest or commercial use with minimal effort.
  • Deliver lightweight and effective portable sanitisation where needed in any place of work.
  • Use an ISO-compliant tool that does the job exactly as you would have wanted and asked for.
  • This system offers a simple, easy way for you to get the place disinfected, looking good, and free from germs, bacteria, and other contaminants that might otherwise inhibit your quality of life moving forward.

    If you are looking for a way to buy a proper fogging machine for your Malaysian business, then both of the above models offer an exceptional starting place.

    The benefits of using a fogging machine

    Of course, before you invest in the above models, you might wish to understand more about why they make such a great choice. The most common reasons to think about using a fogging machine in Malaysia, though, includes:

  • Making sure that you can quickly, easily, and effectively disinfect your business/place of work.
  • Reduce the risk of infection of viral illnesses and infections for many more years to come.
  • Clean the entire area, making sure you cover as large and as varied an areas as is possible.
  • Prevent problems like mosquito build-ups in key areas of high public traffic, avoiding infection.
  • Combat issues such as Dengue Fever, making sure you work hard stay protected and secure.
  • Disinfect areas of common and regular human usage, which is vital during busy opening hours.
  • Reduce the risk of viral issues such as COVID-19 from building up on surfaces and orifices.
  • You can simply take the information from above and give yourself a greater idea of why further protection and insulation from the problem could be a recommended choice for your business moving forward.

    How to select the best fogging machine in Malaysia

    While we did provide you with two excellent recommendations above, here are some other factors to think about when buying a fogging machine in Malaysia. Each option should make it easier to buy something correct:

  • Are you able to buy a device that is powered using batteries as opposed to a cord? This makes getting into areas that are often hard to reach a little bit easier.
  • What about charging times or usage times? Are you able to get a lot of time out of the fogging machine you have in mind? Or will you find it takes longer to charge than is useful?
  • Does it help to provide a wide-enough spray of fog when being used? Will you need to keep going over the same surfaces or does it provide a thorough enough clean?
  • Can you get the most out of the system for both combatting bacterial infections and getting rid of pests like insects and mosquitos, too?
  • What about the price? You want to get the best value deal that you can. Price, though, should be the final determining factor; if two models seem close enough, go for the cheaper model.

  • Why should you buy iMEC fogging machines?

    With many brands on the market today for Malaysian business owners to look at, you might be unsure.

    Where to start can be hard to work out, but with the help of our team you can easily find the right iMEC fogging machines. Then, you can quickly and easily make the adjustment needed.

    Use iMEC fogging machines to make sure you can pick from an excellent variety of machines that come with a strong reputation.

    Allied to good prices and a promise to do the job as intended, and you can see why so many people turn to iMEC for their desired fogging needs!

    Fogging Machine FAQ

    🥇 What is the best fogging machine?

    iMEC offers a wide range of best fogging machines for different purposes.

    🛡️ What is disinfection fogging machine?

    Disinfection fogging machines are commonly used for sanitation in business areas.

    👷 Where can I find a cordless fogging machine dealers?

    iMEC FIMAP E-Spray-Professional Spray Gun offers a cordless fogging solution.