IMEC 551 MP7, Multipurpose Floor Cleaner, Halal, 2 x 10L


  • Highly concentrated neutral cleaner
  • Highly efficient for general cleaning maintenance
  • Environmental friendly: non-phosphate, non-chlorine, non-toxic and not inflammable
  • Suitable for daily use without rinsing
  • Safe to use on most washable surfaces, including floors, walls, benches, vinyl, plastic, paint work, upholstery, windows, mirrors, stainless steel and woodwork.
  • Coverage 125,000 sq. ft. per 10L diluted at 1:250 (single solution mopping)
  • Recommended to use at Home, Office, Hotel, Hospital, Shopping Mall, F&B, Factory, Education, Bank & etc
  • Free 1pc IMEC P10N Pump for 10L Drum

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