IMEC 579 Meczym Grease Trap Maintainer, Halal, 2 x 10L


  • Composed of a synergistic blend of bacterial stains and multiple enzyme system which break down grease, fats and other complex organic material naturally
  • No caustics which this IMEC 579 Meczym will not harm plumbing
  • Regular usage will keep grease trap free flow and odor free
  • Regular usage reduces the biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemicals oxygen demand (COD) and total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Ideal to use in Institutional Kitchen, Restaurants, Food Processing Plant
  • Safe to use and safe for environment
  • Dispense through IMEC PRO D.579 Dispenser
  • Free 1pc IMEC P10N Pump for 10L Drum

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