IMEC AJ6 Double Dry Jet Hand Dryer

  • Low noise level: 50 – 60 dB(A) which is ideal for noise sensitive area
  • LED Indicator: Indicate the hand dryer is being used and time signal
  • Easy access: Both sided are open which allow easy access
  • No splash of water: The angle of the air nozzle prevent any water from splashing upward towards the user
  • Slim Design & elegant: Design to save space and allow the user to stand comfortably during usage
  • Easy Maintenance: The water compartment at the bottom of the hand dryer will collect the wastewater from users hands and prevent the water to drop on the floor
  • HEPA Filtration: Captures 99.95% bacteria particles in the air which allows users to dry their hands with clean air
  • Longer lasting: Durable and rust free ABS material which it will last longer
  • Improve Cleanliness: Washroom will be cleaner as no litters of paper towels will be possibly thrown to the floor
  • Improved Technology: Excellent working performance with double air jet technology (two directions) and airspeed reaches up to 100 meters per second
  • Safety Protection: Auto cut-off function to prevent misused by user
  • Dry Aromatic Compartment: Leave a pleasant smell washroom while drying hands