• IMEC Disc is suitable to use for Granite, Marble, Terrazo, Limestone, Glaze, Ceramic & Mosaic flooring (not for Wooden & Carpet flooring)
  • 3 steps of functionality of IMEC Disc
    • Step 1: To cut/remove a thin layer of scratches on the surface
    • Step 2: Restore discolored floors and smoothen & even the flooring
    • Step 3: Formulated to maintain & refresh all type of flooring
  • Detergent free (use with water only)
  • With 5mm – 7mm thickness, the Disc’s pad is flexible
  • Colour coded velcro backing for easy identification as polishing grid
  • Ideal design to eject slurry & prevent clogging
  • Recommended to use with IMEC Dr17 & IMEC D100 Floor Diamond Coat