IMEC 508 Acryl Link

  • Special design for stone and artificial floor maintenance.
  • Safe and gentle to use on all type of natural or artificial floor
  • Helps to protect against future stains and prevent any grime build-up on the surface
  • Restore and enhance the natural luster of the surfaces
  • Provide long-lasting cleanliness and protection
  • Suitable for various type of floor surfaces such as: Granite, Marble, Artificial Stone, Ceramic Tile, Inorganic Millstone and Terrazzo

Method of application:

  1. Clean the floor before using IMEC 508 Acryl Link
  2. Make sure the surface is dry
  3. Pour 5-10ml of IMEC 508 Acryl Link for 1m² coverage (no dilution required)
  4. Use IMEC White Pad with IMEC Crystallization machine to rub the floor evenly until dry (**Repeat up to 3 layer to increase the level of glossiness)
  5. Dust mop the surface using IMEC MFD 40/60