IMEC FSR Ride On Floor Sweeper (Hybrid/Petrol)

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Compact, maneuverable and can easily go around obstacles
  • Available with panel filter, for standard operations or with cloth filter to achieve excellent filtering results, especially for environment with high presense of very fine dust
  • Easy and simple maintenance, debris hopper is very easy to remove and empty with no efforts
  • User friendly, ergonomic and easy drive steering wheel without distractions
  • The machine design ensures full visibility during operation and makes the interaction with the machine comfortable and gratifying
  • Enhanced with safety features, emergency stop button, safety brake and head lights with LED technology
  • Up to 45% energy saved thanks to START & STOP technology that stops the brushes and vacuum when the machine is not operating or is in idle position
  • Also ideal for cleaning carpet surfaces at airports, hotels or convention centers
  • Comes with Eco-Mode function that helps to ensures energy and water savings during cleaning.