IMEC GS ECOBOT 50 PRO SPRAYER – AI Robotic Scrubber & Sanitizing System

iMEC GS ECOBOT 50 PRO SPRAYER is an AI-powered cleaning robot that goes beyong scope of “automation” integrated safety system. Operators can monitor the ecobot performance and access cleaning results through user friendly and interactive flet management system.

Deep-learning algorithms are integrated within a sensor fusion of 2D LiDAR, 3D and RGB cameras, which grant the robot high accuracy environmental perception and the ability to make advanced operation decision according to the real-time situation.

  • SIMPLICITY — Minimal Human Intervention Operation (M.H.I.O)
  • INTELLIGENCE — Boldly go where no other cleaning robot has gone before
  • PRODUCTIVITY — Exponentially improves cleaning efficiency
  • SUSTAINABILITY — Create long-term value by taking an eco-friendly approach
  • COST-EFFICIENCY — Invest in Gausium’s quality and technology that significantly drive down cleaning cost