IMEC ES41 Upright Scrubber Pad Holder with Handle, 1pc Brown & 1pc White Pad


  • Designed for spot floor cleaning and edge stripping task
  • Versatile scrubbing pad designed for gentle yet effective cleaning & scrubbing task even on delicate surfaces
  • The flexibility of the pad allows consistent cleaning performance even on the cragged surfaces
  • Especially useful on hard-to-reach corners & edges
  • Ideal for general scrubbing, cleaning and stripping of hard surfaces
  • Recommended to use to clean staircase, edges, corners, wall cleaning
  • Comes with 1 Edge Scrubber Pad Holder, 1pc Brown Pad, 1pc White Pad, 1 extendable handle which can reach higher place up to 1.2m
  • Brown pad is suitable for heavy – duty cleaning including tiles, vinyl flooring
  • White pad is suitable for delicate surface cleaning including glass, chrome, stainless steel surface

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