IMEC i-SWEEP 90 – Ride On Industrial Floor Sweeper

  • Poly-amides central and side brush makes the brush last longer, flexible and suitable for heavy duty cleaning
  • Can be used even in very dirty or even wet conditions
  • Very sturdy and resilient design
  • Simple to operate
  • Durable construction makes this sweeper perfect for manufacturing and industrial applications
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor operation
  • Low-noise level design ensures the machine suitable to be use in public environment,no affect on surrounding environment and personnel
  • Powerful sweeping machine perfect for outdoors and indoors
  • Built in big tools box – Extremely maneuverable and user friendly
  • Comes with overhead guard to protect operator from fulling object or direct sunlight during outdoor cleaning
  • Comes with water spray function
  • Suitable for carpet and floor in airports, hotel, convention center

Suitable to use at :

  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Airports, MRT Stations & Bus Terminals
  • Public Area
  • Factory & industries
  • Logistic & Warehouse
  • Parking Area
  • Construction Area
  • Recreational Park