IMEC JS 08 PLUS Steam Injection Machine Cleaner

Super Continuous Steam Machine

  • Capable to produce steam up to 174°C
  • Provide superior performance and outstanding result with 24/7 continuous steaming with separated boiler and water reservoir tank
  • Powerful 8 bars steam pressure allows deep clean on many type of surfaces even the toughest stain
  • Ideal for sanitizing, disinfectant and eliminate bacteria, malodorous, dust mite, bed bug and viruses on all type of surfaces including fabric
  • Clean and disinfect with just using a regular tap water
  • Not only sanitize, it also penetrates and melt awat oil, grease, stain, gum and dirt effectively even on the hard to reach area
  • Clean and sanitize in one pass saves couple hours on the cleaning job
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Food safe and ecologically friendly approach by using water only