IMEC Microfiber Cloth, Multipurpose Anti-Bacterial Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 40cm x 40cm, 5pcs

  • Anti-Bacterial Microfiber Cloth
    • General multipurpose cleaning purpose cloth
    • Suitable to use to clean furniture, kitchen utensils, toilet fixtures, cars (interior & exterior, window), computers and many more surfaces
    • Microfiber removes more dust & dirt effectively and has a longer service life as compared to conventional cleaning products
    • Highly absorbent and is capable of absorbing up to 7 times its weight for quick and drier surface
    • Its lint-free characteristics will leave no dust or particles upon cleaning
    • It is more hygienic as it prevents the growth of germs & bacterias and resistant to mold & mildew
    • It is no abrasive and helps to prevent streaks & scratches on any surface
    • Promote green cleaning as it use less of detergents during cleaning & thus save cost
  • Dimension: 40cm x 40cm
  • Packing: 5 pcs/pack *single colour*
  • Colour Coded for different cleaning area:-
    • Green – Kitchen and Dining Area
    • Blue – Public Area/Office/Lobby
    • Yellow – Restroom Fixtures
    • Red – Restroom Sanitary Fittings

Microfiber cloths clean, dust and polish without using use of any cleaning chemicals. The cloths are made of tiny wedge shaped fibers, up to 100 times finer than a human hair. The tiny fibers grab and hold dirt. They are long lasting and re-usable.


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