IMEC Mop Range (Microfiber / Cotton)

Get more benefits in a color-coded and looped-end mop head:

  • Looped-end reduced unraveling, fraying, and lint
  • Adapter suits 23mm wooden, aluminium/metal handle
  • Color-coded series prevents cross contamination
  • Suitable for all hard floor surface, eg: marble, ceramic, and tiles flooring.

IMEC Microfiber Dolly Mop (MFD350)

    • Composition of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (100% high quality microfiber)
    • Easy to clean and ultra-soft
    • Highly absorbent and Super fast drying, leaving floor dry and safe
    • Remove fine dust, dirt, and hair effectively
    • Lint free, leave no dust or particles after mopping
    • Durable

IMEC Dolly Mop (DW10); IMEC Kentucky Mop

    • Looped-end and tail banding mop head with colour coding for greater user friendliness
    • Effective yet economical for commercial and industrial applications
    • Mop head, clip and handle sold separately or in complete set packing.
    • All mop can be laundered

IMEC Kentucky Mop

    • Allows larger areas to be mopped in shorter period of time as compared to other mop
    • Greater ability in picking up or laying down large amounts of liquid
    • Colour coded for better hygiene standard
    • Machine washable
    • Effective, yet economical for commercial & industrial usage


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