IMEC FIMAP MXR – Ride On Battery Operated Auto Floor Scrubber, 22″

  • The first most compact and environment friendly ride on auto scrubber in Malaysia.
  • Comes with Eco-Mode function that helps to ensures energy and water savings during cleaning.
  • Equipped with FNC (Fimap Noise Cancelling) technology which keeps the sound pressure levels extremely low which enable it to work at the most noise-sensitive surroundings especially in the health care industry.
  • Very user friendly and easy to operate.
  • Can be use at narrow walkways or spaces and can fit into a lift for easy transport in multilevel buildings.
  • Comes with increased safety features to ensure your floor is dry to prevent any slip and fall accidents in your premises.
  • A faster and more convenience alternative for small, cluttered spaces where a walk-behind scrubbing machine would normally be used.