IMEC SDP26 Single Mop Bucket, 25L

  • High positioned rubber wringer optimum for easy wringing.
  • Sizable mop bucket saves water by reducing water replacements.
  • Wide mouth pour spout reduces water spillage.
  • Comes with colour coded system to prevent cross contamination.
  • Protective bumper and non-marking rubber castor for safe and convenient movements.
  • Makes cleaning process much easier and increases productivity.
  • 25L mop bucket
  • Molded-in wave brake bucket helps to prevent splashing under typical usage
  • Ergonomic design of the buckets helps pouring with less spillage
  • Suitable to use with IMEC Dolly Round Mop (DW10), IMEC MFD350 Mop

*Actual color of products may differ slightly*


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