IMEC SM32 Safewalk Light-Fatigue Floor Std Floor Mat

Isolate the soles from the dirt, keep the soles clean and dry, and prevent pollutants from being carried out.
1. The surface design can give maximum friction, increase safety, and play the role of anti-slip, anti-fatigue, wear-resistant and antibacterial;
2.  The bottom suction cup effectively increases the position of the floor mat, improves drainage, and keeps the sole clean and dry, and the beveled edge design is not easy to trip;
3. Suitable for wet and slippery places that need to stand for a long timePlaces, such as: kitchens, workshops, passages, etc.;
4. The heavy oil resistant type is suitable for laying in slippery and oily places. Its material is resistant to heavy oil and is not easy to be corroded.

Provide cushion support as well as protection from the danger of working around moisture or oils, large holes and raised bottom allow spills to pass through and be washed away while raised ribs on the upper surface provide a source of traction.
This ring rubber mat is designed to drain away moisture and keep surfaces dry, safe and free of dirt and mud.
Can be easily moved and laid on any floor, but will never slip underfoot

Enhance safety, reduce the possibility of slip, fall & accidents from moisture & grease
3. Heavy duty anti-slip rubber material that make the mat grip better in any hard surface
4. Absorb the impact of any falling objects to prevent damage
5. The excellent anti-fatigue properties is specially designed for extra comfort, reduce fatigue of long standing hours
6. Provide excellent fraction in any wet or dry environments
7. Moulded edges reduce the risk of tripping
8. Thick rubber for extra comfort
10. Recommended to use at workstations, kitchen, food processing area, factory, cashier counter, entrance