IMEC Twister Diamond Floor Cleaning Pad

A Revolutionary Floor Cleaning Method

  • For everyday machine cleaning of any type of floor – completely without chemicals
  • It’s the easy, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approach to professional cleaning
  • Producing outstanding
  • Long-lasting results
  • Delivers better results at a lower cost
  • Creates safer work environments and is more environmentally friendly than traditional floor cleaning methods
  • Impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds that clean and polish the floor at the same time – completely without chemicals (only use water)
  • User-friendly solution for daily machine cleaning of floors
  • As Twister diamond pads and water is all you need to produce clean and shiny floors you will save both money and the environment.
  • Thanks to the results Twister produces, not only will the life span of the floors increase, but using Twister will also reduce your need for consumables