IMEC Industrial Floor Squeegee


PP30F (Super dry floor squeegee)

  • Super dry push & pull floor squeegee
  • Rust free & more hygienic as it use plastic frame
  • Easy to clean at small or congested area as handle able to rotate 180 degree
  • Suitable to use on variety of surfaces including glass, window & concrete flooring
  • Can be use for push & pull movement
  • Rubber foam can be replace

PP22 (Push & Pull Floor Squeegee)

  • Designed to quickly clean up water and other liquids on any flooring
  • Remove fluids from any type of floor surfaces quickly and easily (leave floor clean & dry)
  • Multi-usage as u can use it for floor, big windows or wall cleaning
  • It can push forward or backward
  • Rubber blade won’t scratch the floor
  • Rust free (plastic material)
  • Large size make job done faster
  • Ideal tool for use during flood cleanup
  • Squeegee 22″

PS22 (Push Steel Floor Squeegee)

  • Excellent for moving water and clean up on the grounds and floors
  • Metal frame make it more durable construction and suitable for industrial use
  • Curves end controls liquid better
  • This Squeegee deep cleans and dries on uneven surfaces as well
  • Need to push forward
  • Large size make job done faster
  • Perfect to use at deck, garage, driveway, sidewalk, industrial site and etc
  • Scraping edge for removing job site debris, sludge
  • Squeegee 22″