IMEC FIMAP MMg – Ride On Auto Floor Scrubber Machine, 15″

Compact Yet Advanced, Technological Scrubbing Machine that Makes Cleaning Intelligent, Interactive & Easy

  • MMg is the most advanced Fimap machine that makes cleaning operation intelligent, interactive & easy
  • The most innovative solutions are being used to increase productivity & get the best results and benefits in small & medium areas
  • The new design provides comfort & safety during use & highlights the product quality
  • iD (Intelligent Drive) allows to manage all machine functions through a control panel with a touch screen; makes driving easier & ensures a good start on cleaning operation
  • Eco Mode device reduces noise level & save energy, water & detergent
  • FLR (Fimap Long Range) recycling system increases productivity, using up to 70% lesser chemicals
  • Power Mode increase scrubbing effectiveness in heavy duty cleaning tasks
  • High performance on slopes due to the rear transaxle
  • Safety & comfort are ensured by the lowered footboard, access from both sides & wide leg room space
  • Built-in bumpers help to protect components & to reduce maintenance and ownership costs