IMEC Step Bin / Rubbish Bin with Air-Tight Designed Lid (ST30 / ST45 / ST68 / ST88) 30L / 45L / 68L / 88L

    • Made of strong plastic constructions to meet the highest traffic F&B operations
    • Designed for smaller outlets with limited space
    • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
    • Keep your environment clean, hygienic and keep away flies, smelly odour and cockroaches with its special airtight-designed lid cover

A good and durable bin can make a whole lot of difference. Here we have the same excellent quality bins but in various sizes to suit bigger and smaller places perfectly.

Its air-tight designed lid prevents any insects or animals to go in as well as stopping unpleasant garbage smell from coming out. That way, you can be free from all care and worries when you place this bin in a room or an enclosed area.


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